Chemical free water conditioners are generally used for iron, sulfur, and sediment removal. They do not use a filter mechanism but specific media.

Iron Removal

Iron in your water can leave stains on your dishes, laundry, sinks, and plumbing fixtures. At The Water Shed, we carry iron filters and conditioners to eliminate these problems.

Our filters use media called manganese greensand combined with potassium permanganate to wash away the oxidized iron. The filter requires some maintenance to ensure optimum efficiency.

Our water conditioner uses a media mixture in combination with an injection of air to oxidize the iron. Again, the oxidized iron is easily washed away.

Sediment Filters

Sediments can give water a cloudy look, making it unpleasant to drink and to use generally. Our water filter uses standard filtering medias including Filter Ag, sand, and mixed media. With the mixed media filter, various medias of different mesh sizes are used to trap sediment and filter out smaller particles. Thorough backwashes prevent the bed from channelling or locking-up, giving the filter a longer service life.