The Water Shed Brings You the Only True “No Salt” Water Softener

You’ll find lots of information and debate online about salt-free water softeners. Please read on to learn about our experience and our product offering.

A salt-free water softening system may be appropriate for well owners who have a very high level of hardness in their water, especially if the level is over 50. This is found in certain rural areas in Nova Scotia, where hardness levels even reach 100. When your water is this hard, it means you would need to use a large amount of salt in a typical salt-based water softener—as much as one bag per week. This amount of salt is apt to have a taste and leave a residue on dishes. It will increase your costs and you’ll be flushing the excess salt into either your dry well or the septic field.

The Water Shed
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The Only True “No Salt Softener”

The Water Shed Nano filteration- Catalog

Modern technology called nano-filtration produces ultra-pure water. Ultra-pure means that the water is crystal clear and free from odours, cloudiness and tastes, beyond even filtered or softened water. Nano-filtration happens at the molecular level which eliminates hardness, iron, tannins, and nearly all contaminants that conventional filtration cannot remove.  Water is squeezed through a membrane that separates the water from any unwanted elements in the water.

This technology provides pure water without the need for invasive methods such as chlorination, ion exchange, and sedimentation. You can also have it at every usage point in your home. Our system provides all the benefits of softened water without the need for cumbersome salt bags and the associated costs to your pocket book and the environment.