Soft water is not a luxury, but an investment that pays dividends. “Hardness” in water is simply the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts, which cause considerable damage to your home appliances, pipes, and water equipment over time.

The good news is that these minerals are easily removed using a water softener. Softened water provides all sorts of benefits:
  • gives you cleaner, softer, brighter & more manageable hair

  • makes your skin softer, smoother, and cleaner

  • eliminates detergent burns & related skin rash

  • cuts the cost of soaps & cleaners in half

  • leaves your silverware & glassware cleaner & shinier

  • eliminates bathtub ring

  • produces brighter, whiter, softer laundry

  • reduces scale build-up in pipes, cutting hot water & plumbing costs

Depending on your water chemistry and usage needs, The Water Shed has the right water softener for you! We offer three options to soften your water:
The Demand Series:

As the name suggests, this product softens your water based on the demands of your household. The Demand Series takes the guesswork out of keeping your water at the preferred softness. It uses an electronic computer to measure the daily water needs, to monitor any changes in usage, and to regenerate when necessary. It is great for cottage use, where water requirements are so changeable. You can save up to 50% in water and salt use with this system.

Time Control:

With just two simple settings, the 460 tc timer control can be programmed to initiate regeneration of the water conditioning system at intervals of up to six or seven consecutive days. The time of day that the regeneration occurs can also be adjusted.

The Autotrol 255 valve is the residential ‘workhorse’ and is very well suited for most residential homes with typical water use patterns and chemistry.

High Level of Hardness:

The Water Shed carries the Clack water softener which was specially developed and designed for water that is particularly hard. These valves were designed with the water treatment professional in mind, and they incorporate many features that are a direct result of feedback from customers.