Let The Water Shed Test Your Water

The Water Shed not only supplies equipment, but we also provide water testing and consultations. By testing for iron, manganese, hardness, arsenic, pH, and TDS (total dissolved solids), we’re here to ensure that your water is healthy and clean for your family or business.

Our thorough [ninja-popup ID=15501] on-site testing and evaluations [/ninja-popup] can help make your water better.

Homeowners with private water wells are responsible for their protection, including regular testing of the well water. Well water should be tested at a provincially licensed laboratory, based on a schedule determined by Nova Scotia Environment. For example, tests for bacteria should be taken every 6 months and testing for chemicals should be conducted every 2 years. You should test your water even more frequently if you detect any changes in the taste, smell or colour of your drinking water.

If your test results confirm there is contamination, The Water Shed can advise on a treatment solution to improve the quality and safety of your drinking water.

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