Classic Water Softeners for Hard Water Solutions

Soft water can no longer be considered a luxury. It’s an investment that pays for itself through the actual savings. Hardness is the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts in water. These minerals are easily removed using a water softener. The Water Shed carries water softeners from 16,000 to 180,000 grains. Depending on your water chemistry and needs, we have the unit for you!

Water Softeners provide:

  • Cleaner, softer, brighter & more manageable hair
  • Eliminates detergent burns & related skin rash
  • No bathtub ring to scrub & scour
  • Cost of soaps & cleaners cut in half
  • Softer, smoother, cleaner skin
  • Silverware & glassware are cleaner & shinier
  • Brighter, whiter, softer laundry
  • Reduces scale buildup in pipes – cut hot water & plumbing repair costs

The Demand Series

The Water Shed carries a hard water solution known as the Demand Series. It takes the guesswork out of soft water system. This 760 Series uses an electronic computer to measure out how much soft water a family home actually needs on a day to day basis. It monitors any changes in usage and regenerates when necessary. You save up to 50% in water and salt use. With the 960 valve, you receive the same savings and lets you know what gallons are remaining before regeneration.

The Time Clock

Take control of your water softener regeneration. The Water Shed supplies the 760 Timer Control that comes with two simple settings. These settings are easily programmed to initiate regeneration of the water in your conditioning system. The timer can be adjusted for up to six to seven consecutive days along with the time of day the regeneration occurs. The 940 timer uses the same 255 valve, but is available in 7 or 12 regeneration, with an adjustable backwash cycle.

We provide water testing – as one of our longstanding services.

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