If you suspect your well is damaged below the surface or you need to look inside your well, we can help. Using a submersible camera and recording equipment, we can examine a well as deep as 500 feet!

Some common reasons to pursue a down-hole camera inspection include:

  • Surface water is getting into your well through a crack in the well casing.

  • Surface water ingress due to an incorrectly seated drive shoe.

  • To confirm the location of water bearing fractures for pump locating purposes.

  • To confirm & assist in the removal of a stuck pump or fitting.

  • To confirm the existence of a well collapse.

Once the problem has been diagnosed, solutions can be devised. For example, a leaking drive shoe can be sealed off. The same can be done with a cracked casing. If your pump is stuck, we can use the camera system to attempt to lasso the pump connection with a high tensile cable and then winch the pump out of the well.

The report we provide at the end of the process even includes photos and videos!