If Your Well Runs Out of Water…

It’s hard to imagine a greater inconvenience than having to live with a shortage of water. Worse still is running out of water entirely. Whether you’re showering, doing the laundry, or washing the car, you expect the water to flow, and to flow freely!

A process called hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracturing is a reliable method to reinvigorate your existing well. It involves injecting highly-pressurized water into your well to open blocked seams or tap new ones and to connect them to the aquifer. More commonly called “hydrofracking”, it must be carried out by a Nova Scotia Department of Environment-licensed driller.

With our long experience in hydrofracturing, The Water Shed guarantees the results of all hydrofracks for 5 years. In most cases, our certificate will guarantee well performance to a level that satisfies CMHC standards and mortgage lending facilities.