In the language of water wells, “recovery” means the rate at which the water flows.

If you’re selling or buying a house with a well and don’t have current information about the well’s static level and recovery rate, we can help. Using an electronic sensor, we can tell you how much water you have in reservoir. Then, following a pump-down test, we can create a chart of how quickly your well recovers.

Some wells have a low recovery rate to begin with. And over time, some wells can become slow to recover. Our flow test can help determine if you need to drill a new well, deepen your existing well, or proceed with a remedial process like hydrofracking.

At the end of our recovery testing, we provide a report that gives you the following information:

  1. Well static level

  2. Pump depth (to 300’)

  3. Well static reservoir

  4. Start/finish pump down rate

  5. Meet CMHC standard – yes/no

  6. Measured recovery rate

  7. Recovery chart & written report