We install, repair and service well pumps.

The type of pump system we recommend will depend on the depth of your well and the type of bedrock on your property. For example, a deep well has greater storage capacity so needs less water per minute, but at the same time, deep wells need more powerful pumps to deliver the water to the surface. The horsepower of the pump system must be calibrated to the depth of well. In addition, The Water Shed must adhere to the minimum well water supply requirements set out by Nova Scotia Environment. To illustrate, a 100 foot well needs 2.5 gallons per minute while a 250 foot well needs only .5 gallons per minute. At The Water Shed, we aim to exceed the minimum requirements so the water will flow well and continue to do so for the life of the well.

For wells drilled in soft bedrock like shale or sandstone, The Water Shed recommends pumps with a low gallon per minute rating to prevent damage to the walls of the well.